Fat Soul Fridays Reviews

Bravo! Theology and philosophy are often best left in the hands of artists and writers. Patricia Adams Farmer’s “Fat Soul Fridays” sings! It’s about beauty and largeness of soul and inspires the reader to look for beauty in commonplace activities and seek a spiritual largeness to embrace the wondrous complexity of life. Process theology, to quote George Bernard Shaw, has often been a conspiracy against the laity, filled with jargon and incomprehensible terms. This text has the depth of academic theology and yet enables the reader to live the theology and philosophy it portrays. It is truly a beautiful book, accessible to lay as well as professional academics, and an excellent text for a summer afternoon at the beach or sipping hot tea – of course enjoying chocolate – watching the leaves fall. This would be a great text for a book group. Boomers, there is still time for adventure! Venture forth with this text and you will be inspired to engage in your own holy adventures.  

Bruce Epperly, author of Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed” and “Letters to My Grandson: Viewing Life from a Fresh Perspective”

*  *   *

Deepened storyline in this second in the series, quantum leap in writing! As delicious as the scones in this tea-bookshop I’d love to visit.–JS
*  *  *

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good novel with lovable characters and a good story line, or to anyone interested in process thought. If that sounds contradictory, this book proves differently.

I almost never read a book twice, but in the case of Fat Soul Fridays I made an exception. After reading Patricia Adams Farmer’s first book in the Fat Soul Philosophy Series, The Metaphor Maker, I eagerly read each segment of Fat Soul Fridays, a novel published in serial form (every Friday of course).

After it was published in book form, I read the preface—an enlightening essay on writing and process thought—and decided to read the book again, since there had been changes. I was delighted to immerse myself once more in the pool of fascinating characters frequenting Van Gelder’s Tea and Bookshop.

For years I read scholarly books and lighter non-fiction about Process Philosophy/Theology, but why must everything be difficult? Whereas the other books told me about the subject, while reading Farmer’s book I experienced it along with her tantalizing, tea sipping characters.

After years of graduate school I lost my desire to climb mental mountains, especially after I discovered authors who provide gentle slopes leading me to the same destination. Patricia Farmer is the prime example.–Lenni Lissberger

*  *  *
This is my third book by Patricia Adams Farmer Can’t wait for the next book! Patricia is such a talented writer! Debra Jones
*  *   *
I am experiencing the sweet melancholy I sometimes feel after finishing a great book. I just finished Fat Soul Fridays by Patricia Adams Farmer, and I wish I could extend my literary visit with her characters, Madeline, Alex, Darcy, Elana, George, and Socrates the cat. Patricia Adams Farmer brilliantly blends these fictional characters’ stories with the ideas of real life Process Thought philosophers. I think this would be a great book for students of philosophy and theology, or anyone who wants a very personable understanding of “the big picture” of life. I laughed, I cried, and I learned! Thank you, Patricia!–Christine Zalokusky
*  *  *
I completed both of Patricia Adams Farmer’s books, “The Metaphor Maker” and “Fat Soul Fridays” recently–loved both of them. I previously lived in California and am now retired in Ecuador. I love adventure and learning. I enjoyed reading about my previous home (Southern California), remembering the 60’s, and expanding my interest in Buddhism. Patricia has the wonderful talent of weaving all religions, philosophies, lifestyles, personalities, countries (even our beloved Ecuador), etc. into great books. Thanks. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
Nancy Gregory, Cuenca, Ecuador

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