A Lovely Luminosity

WHERE IN THE WORLD did the idea for the Fat Soul Philosophy Novel Series come from?  Why is it all right for our souls to be fat?  Is seems everyone is on a diet these days.  Shouldn’t our souls be on a diet, too?  And just who is this guyWhitehead cover Alfred North Whitehead, and why would I want to have tea with him?  The answers to all these questions and more can be found in my new essay, A Lovely Luminosity: Why Process Thought Inspires Me, published in Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism: Process Thinking for a More Hospitable World.

Also:  Reading Group Guides for both The Metaphor Maker and Fat Soul Fridays are now available on my website.  Click here for more information The paperback edition of Fat Soul Fridays will be available very soon. Stay tuned!

Fat Soul Fridays 1

2 thoughts on “A Lovely Luminosity

  1. Has time passed so quickly? I bookmarked your “Lovely Luminosity” essay at “Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism”, sadly now quite gone from the web, and I can’t see it on openhorizons.org. I guess you would be best able to update the link. Thanks, and best wishes.

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