The Beauty of Imperfection

Are you a perfectionist?  I am too, at least about some things, but I’ve learned to relax over the years, and it has literally saved my life.  In my new essay, The Beauty of Imperfection,  I talk about another approach to life, one that includes what the Japanese call wabi-sabi.   In a few paragraphs I attempt to take on Plato, the Tyranny of Thin culture, and eating disorders. Now that’s a challenge, but I hope you enjoy it!  I would, of course, enjoy hearing your comments.

I am also filled with gratitude that my essay called Van Gogh’s God has now been translated into Chinese by Han Sun, of the Institute of Education and Culture  & Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Heilongjiang University in China.   The visually beautiful Mandarin version is below the English version. (I wish I could read it, but maybe you know someone who can!)

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, full of gratitude and peace and special moments of appreciating the beautiful imperfections of life.



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