A Beautiful Madness and Other Essays

How many of us suffer from depression and feelings of failure?  Well, we’re in good company. Here is my latest essay on Vincent van Gogh: A Beautiful Madness 

Other recent essays include:  “Capturing the World: Remembering as Spiritual Practice” (inspired by Joshua Foer’s book:  Moonwalking with Einstein).

And finally, a little something on the power of our influence:  “Thank You Mrs. Whitehead: The Luminous Influence of a Philosopher’s Wife”


5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Madness and Other Essays

  1. “A fat soul is a beautiful soul, a daring soul, a loving soul, a Vincent van Gogh kind of soul—a soul that “loves many things.” ah! may we all embrace the possibilities of haivng a fat soul and sharing that gift with others! beautiful post, and i look forward to all of the links..

    from otavalo, w/friends,

  2. Hi Patricia, I really appreciated your article ‘A Beautiful Madness’, it came at a time when my work required me to be burning the candle at both ends. This always seems to throw up thoughts of ‘why do I do this? Is it worth it?’ and other fear based doubts. Your article helped me to stay focused and to choose to hang in till the storm passes, which it will in the next day or so. Thanks. Robert

    • Thank you, Robert! Congrats on your own creative work–your violin book and of course the symphony. What beauty you have given the world. Hoping you get some down time soon!

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