Inhabit Your Situation

mouse“Caretake this moment. Immerse yourself in its particulars.  Respond to this person, this challenge, this deed. . . “  Epictetus

What’s it like to be a caregiver to a loved one?  How do we deal with the fear, frustration, and anger?    How can wise and wildly diverse teachers from the past such as Epictetus, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Alfred North Whitehead be of help?  Here’s my experience:  “Inhabit Your Situation:  Epictetus, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Whitehead”



6 thoughts on “Inhabit Your Situation

  1. I had already read this. It was very well said you were so honest. Others will relate. Well done dear friend. How are things going? Has Ron continued to gain strength? David is in Orlando for a meeting and my schedule is light this week. Maybe we can Skype. Are you set up to do that? Much love, Vickie PS, I love the picture of the baby possum

    Vickie Keeling-Wallace 573-823-3878 cell


  2. Hello Patricia. Thank you for this post, thank you for your honesty and the reminder that, as God inhabits the world and us, so we are to be active in our inhabiting the moment, as we are a part of the world and thus God.

  3. Thank you Robert. You really encapsulated the message in one sentence. I am always so happy to hear from you and to see your music at work in the world, reminding us of this very inhabiting within birds and all creation.

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