The Pope’s Favorite Verb

I’m not Catholic, but Pope Francis (or “Papa Francisco”) is my pope–and a model for Fat Soul Philosophy.  In honor of his South American tour, I give you the Pope’s favorite verb . . . .

Pope protraitWords have personality; they come and go out of fashion.  Take the word “mercy.” A bit old-fashioned, a little shop-worn, a tad dusty.  Now, what if “mercy,” a word many spiritual folk have politely shelved, could be resurrected?  Is there any hope for “mercy”?  Alas, if only it didn’t just sit there looking archaic.  If only it weren’t a boring noun, but lively and vigorous as a verb.  But wait, it is a verb!  Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) has made it so.  According to Austen Ivereigh, author of the Pope’s biography The Great Reformer, “Bergoglio liked the way Latin had ‘mercy’ as a verb, miserando, and so created the Spanish misericordiando—an activity of the divine, something God does to you.  ‘Dejáte misericordiar,’ he would tell the guilt-ridden and the scrupulous, “let yourself be ‘mercy’d.’”    Read the entire blog post . . .

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