Grief Takes a Road Trip


My mother died.  Those three words are hard to write, let alone process.  For me, the finality of never hearing my mother’s voice again or having the chance to talk over old issues or discover something new about her childhood—are all swallowed up in a black hole of mystery that is beyond me now.  Game’s up.  No more chances.  It feels kind of brutal and unfair.

But she was elderly and ready to go and died peacefully in the night, the way we all wish to go.  So I did not anticipate any earth-shaking emotions.  How wrong I was!  A parent’s passing under any condition is never anything but earth-shaking. . . . Click here to read more 🙂

Source: Grief Takes a Road Trip

8 thoughts on “Grief Takes a Road Trip

  1. So sorry for your loss of your mother. It has been six years since I lost my Mom. It is never easy when or how it happens. Thank you for this beautiful post Patricia, thanks for letting us share in your grief. Manya

  2. Oh my dear friend, how the tears flowed as I I read this post. All of it was so true as I thought of the death of both my son and mother. Thanks for sharing your journey as I continue on mine.

    Hugs, Joan

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