Mary Oliver and the World of Everywhere

On a soft, snowy morning I read a poem by Mary Oliver. And in the afternoon, it came to me, a notice of her death. Too soon! I thought. Too soon to lose a talent of this magnitude. My heart rocked in grief for several minutes. But then I re-read the poem from the morning called “Bazougey” (Dog Songs, 2013), about the death of a beloved dog. It begins,

Where goes he now, that dark little dog
who used to come down the road barking and shining?
He’s gone now, from the world of particulars, 
the singular, the visible. 

So, that deepest sting: sorrow. Still, 
is he gone from us entirely, or is he
a part of that other world, everywhere? 

I now think of Mary Oliver as in this poem, no longer part of the singular, the visible, the world of particulars, but rather “a part of that other world, everywhere.” . . . . read more

2 thoughts on “Mary Oliver and the World of Everywhere

  1. Beautiful pictures Patricia & provoking thoughts of theology. Sometimes I want it all to be more concrete, known & simple. I do realize that God & love are way too big for all of that. Thanks for these moments of expanding my thinking. When I ponder too long I can get scared of the unknowns. I then go back to my belief that God is real & so is love & beauty. I will keep faithing that, while celebrating Mary Oliver’s described world of the particulars, the singular, the visible. Today that’s friends I love, soft kitties, red cardinals, funny squirrels & this pretty warm fire. Please keep inspiring us with your written words my dear friend. V

    Vickie Keeling-Wallace 573-823-3878 cell


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