The Open-Ended House

Open-ended: That’s how I describe the home where my husband and I now live. Since we purchased our well-worn (shabby-sans-chic) historic house 3 years ago, we have been renovating and restoring. For us, it’s a matter of DIY (do it yourself) on a shoestring budget.

Despite our busy lives, we’ve managed to restore a great deal—with a lot of help from our friends. But nothing is finished; nothing is ever finished. If you’ve ever tried to restore an old home, you know what I mean. Just when you think you can breathe that long-awaited sigh, your eyes follow the wall up to an unsightly gap in the old trim. You decide to cover a radiator and it leads to the need for seat cushions which leads to the need for matching that material to the kitchen chairs which leads to recovering the chairs which leads to reorienting the budget which leads to rethinking the bathroom project entirely, ad infinitum. As Margo Kaufman says, “Remodeling is like pulling a loose thread on a cheap sweater — the job keeps unraveling.” . . . . more

6 thoughts on “The Open-Ended House

  1. We also purchased an older home that was built in 1992 in the middle of a point facing the Pacific Ocean. At high tide the ocean pounds the rocks that protect the property. It’s true paradise here in Manglaralto, Santa Elena, Ecuador. I liked the home as it was a bit of a fixer upper that could keep me occupied along with a handy man once a week. We sold our other ocean front lot for 17k less then what we paid and have used the proceeds to build a casita overtop of our patio which we will be renting out. Our home is a bungalow with nice large windows facing the ocean in every room. We get to see dolphins swimming by and whales jumping on the horizon. We have been here for 4 years now.

  2. Loved Open Ended House. Wonderful metaphor for life and spirituality!

    Vickie Keeling-Wallace Cell: 573-823-3878


  3. This was such a fun post Patricia!! Thank you for your ongoing process blogging. I enjoy them all!! Your humor is great and who doesn’t need it when renovating? Best, Mel

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