Fat Soul International Summer Gathering!

strawberry-shortcakeFat Soul Philosophy is like an enormous tent, under which tables and chairs are set up, awaiting people from many faiths and cultures who wish to share their traditional foods with one another.  Here, listening takes place–and laughter, too.  Maybe a little music.  Listening, learning, sharing, celebrating the beauty of diversity: this is what Fat Soul International is all about.  Thanks to my colleague at Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism, Professor and guitarist Jay McDaniel, the Fat Soul vision is becoming an on-the-ground reality.  You will find in the beautiful college town of Conway, a Fat Soul Band and Fat Soul Festivals and Fat Soul Gatherings starting to pop up.  You are invited!  Check out this upcoming gathering . . .



At the Black-Orange Coffee Shop

Conway, Arkansas

Thursday evening, August 6, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Featuring International students

from China, Mexico, Pakistan, Rwanda, and Thailand

Singing American pop songs and Songs from their Cultures

Plus free Chinese pastries (as long as they last)

Sponsored by Better Together at Hendrix, Hendrix International Programs,

Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism and Fat Soul Philosophy International

6 thoughts on “Fat Soul International Summer Gathering!

  1. Oh what fun — and Arkansas is one of the few remaining states in my goal of visiting all 50 sooner or later. But no way I’ll get there next week…. In spirit, will be there.

    • Hello Yvonne! Thanks so much for your comment. I’ve never been to Arkansas either, and I won’t be there for this event as I am still here in Ecuador. But someday . . .yes! (We’re moving to New Mexico in November, so at least I’ll be closer to the fun.)

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