2302041The Celtic tradition tells us that heaven and earth are only three feet away, and that in special places, called “thin places,” heaven and earth seem to nearly collapse into each other. When this happens, we can see through the thin veil to the largeness and holiness of the cosmos.   Theologian Bruce Epperly says that thin places “remind us of the Holy Here and Holy Now, the wonder of this unique moment and the wonder of the universe as it evolves.”

In my experience, “thin places” are inhabited by snowy egrets and softly shaped hills. Here is a story–a rather difficult story to tell– something that happened to me in Ecuador, which forever changed my view of heaven and earth.  This piece will be included in my upcoming book, Fat Soul Philosophy: Reflections on a Spirituality of S-I-Z-E.  Click here to read Heaven, Yes, Heaven.

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  1. This piece moved me profoundly, Patricia. It may be an emotional tie that all parents who have lost children share. The depth of that grief is almost to profound to think about even now, some forty years later.

    • Thomas, I am also deeply moved to get your reply. Losing a child–what can be worse in this tragic-strewn universe? No wonder you are a process thinker. Nothing else makes any sense. Thank you for this response. It means a great deal to me.

    • Thank you, Barbara! It does help to write about things that are painful, but sometimes it takes some time and space to do it. Thanks so much for following and sharing.

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