A New Blog for the Spiritually Curious, the Creative, and the Openhearted


Exciting News!  Jay McDaniel (editor of Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism) and I have a brand new blog called  “Process Musings,” hosted by the awesome website Spirituality and Practice .

Here’s an excerpt from our Introductory Blog:

Welcome to Process Musings for the curious, the creative, and the openhearted. We are two bloggers from the world of process thought, inspired by the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. We believe in a God of love and beauty — “the poet of the world” — who is tenderly interrelated with all creation. We also believe in an interconnected universe that is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.

In our process approach to life, we appreciate all good-hearted souls around the world who are committed to the flourishing of life: theists, non-theists, and the many who are somewhere in between. And we believe that no religious or cultural tradition has all the truth, but that all have wisdom to offer the world. We highlight spiritual paths and practices that promote well-being for the common good and care for the planet. . . . For more, click here 🙂  


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