“C” is for Compassion


As I journey through the Spiritual Alphabet (created by Mary Ann and Frederic Brussat), I find that “compassion” is perhaps the most compelling word for our day.  In my latest essay “C  is for Compassion,” I address the issue of “compassion fatigue” and how we can envision God in all the muck and horror that we see unfolding in Puerto Rico and around the world. . . .

I hope you will journey with me through the alphabet!

Click here to read “C is for Compassion” at Spirituality and Practice

Click here to read “C is for Compassion” at Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism. 


2 thoughts on ““C” is for Compassion

  1. Wow, I love reading your postings….you’re so gifted!! I forwarded this to Alicia. I know she will enjoy as much as I do.

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