Fat Soul Fridays is Now Available on Kindle!

My new novel, Fat Soul Fridays, is now available on Kindle!

Amazon Description:

Fat Soul Fridays is the second novel in the Fat Soul Philosophy Series. Set in 2010, Madeline Prescott (from The Metaphor Maker) returns as a newly retired philosophy professor, adrift with an uncharted future. In an impetuous move, she and her British-American husband, Alex Moore, venture back to the place where they first met to Fat Soul Fridays 1re-open Van Gelder’s Tea and Books with the hopes of recapturing something of their youth. But instead, they find themselves embroiled in the crises of their little group of friends that meets for tea on Friday afternoons to discuss “things that matter.” But all is not tea chat. Humor and poignancy intertwine as their high-strung shop manager, George Saunders, becomes the catalyst for the group’s “happiness experiment,” an adventure which transforms the life of every member of the little group that meets on Fat Soul Fridays.

The novel stands on its own, but after finishing it, I hope you will want to read the first one in the series, The Metaphor Maker, where Fat Soul Philosophy is born.   Fat Soul Fridays will be in paperback in a couple of months, but don’t wait until then.  The Kindle version is economical ($2.99) and ready to download now.

Happy Reading!

P.S.  I’m thrilled that before I could get out this announcement,  Fat Soul Fridays already has  a five-star review from Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of Process Theology: Guide for the Perplexed and Letters to My Grandson: Viewing Life from a Fresh Perspective.  Here is an excerpt from his review:

Bravo! Theology and philosophy are often best left in the hands of artists and writers. Patricia Adams Farmer’s “Fat Soul Fridays” sings! It’s about beauty and largeness of soul and inspires the reader to look for beauty in commonplace activities and seek a spiritual largeness to embrace the wondrous complexity of life. . . .  Click here to read the entire review!