The Genghis Khan Award for Excellence

And the winner is . . . . A little satire on a big subject!

Kahn 2JUST FOR FUN, let’s look at the world today through a lens marked “Freud.”  I know, you may not usually employ this particular lens, flawed and old-school as it may be, but Freud can be quite illuminating.  In particular, his theory of the unconscious with its model of Id, Ego, and Superego can help us see things more clearly.  Especially when it comes to politics.

Politics, you say?.  . . . Click here to read the rest of the post

The Pope’s Favorite Verb

I’m not Catholic, but Pope Francis (or “Papa Francisco”) is my pope–and a model for Fat Soul Philosophy.  In honor of his South American tour, I give you the Pope’s favorite verb . . . .

Pope protraitWords have personality; they come and go out of fashion.  Take the word “mercy.” A bit old-fashioned, a little shop-worn, a tad dusty.  Now, what if “mercy,” a word many spiritual folk have politely shelved, could be resurrected?  Is there any hope for “mercy”?  Alas, if only it didn’t just sit there looking archaic.  If only it weren’t a boring noun, but lively and vigorous as a verb.  But wait, it is a verb!  Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) has made it so.  According to Austen Ivereigh, author of the Pope’s biography The Great Reformer, “Bergoglio liked the way Latin had ‘mercy’ as a verb, miserando, and so created the Spanish misericordiando—an activity of the divine, something God does to you.  ‘Dejáte misericordiar,’ he would tell the guilt-ridden and the scrupulous, “let yourself be ‘mercy’d.’”    Read the entire blog post . . .