Growing an Ecological Soul with the Help of Pope Francis

old-big-tree-with-big-roots-725x482Many of us non-Catholics stand in awe of Pope Francis, who has startled the whole world by talking about big things like poverty and injustice and ecology at a time when much of the religious world is stuck on sex, sex, sex. Enough with the sex. Let’s move on and think about the planet with Pope Francis.

The planet is huge, reminding us that in order to wrap our minds around it, we may need to actually grow our soul. Those of us in the Fat Soul movement—yes, we are a movement with a Manifesto and everything—would say that Pope Francis is a very Fat Soul. Evidence of this is found in his famous encyclical on ecology, the “Ladato Si,” which has a lot of very thin-thinking Global Warming denier types shaking in their boots. The encyclical has rocked the world, religious and nonreligious alike.

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