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Fat Soul Fridays 1What is it about, anyway?

A young, endearing gay man , struggling with past trauma, searches for  the meaning of happiness–and a legal marriage to his partner.   A retired philosopher yearns for children she never had.  A man of years is haunted by fears of dying. A single, idealistic pastor needs help on the romantic front.    A one-eyed, tattered-eared cat seeks love—and a little respect would be nice, too. This is a tall order for Fat Soul Philosophy as it inspires each character toward the true meaning of happiness in a big, scary, mixed up world—one that desperately needs what process theologian Bernard Loomer calls S-I-Z-E!

Here’s what some are saying about Fat Soul Fridays (excerpts from recent Amazon Reviews of the kindle edition):

“A heartwarming marriage of fiction and philosophy . . . .I laughed, I cried, and I learned!” Christine Zalocusky, Illinois

“Patricia has the wonderful talent of weaving all religions, philosophies, lifestyles, personalities, countries (even our beloved Ecuador), etc. into great books.” Nancy Gregory, Cuenca, Ecuador

“Patricia Adams Farmer’s Fat Soul Fridays sings! It’s about beauty and largeness of soul and inspires the reader to look for beauty in commonplace activities and seek a spiritual largeness to embrace the wondrous complexity of life.”” The Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly, Massachusetts.

“This is my third book by Patricia Adams Farmer Can’t wait for the next book!” Debra Jones, Oklahoma

I SO appreciate my readers!  And every review helps other readers, too.  So thank you.

What else is happening?   Look for a new tenth anniversary edition of Embracing A Beautiful God coming this fall!

A Lovely Luminosity

WHERE IN THE WORLD did the idea for the Fat Soul Philosophy Novel Series come from?  Why is it all right for our souls to be fat?  Is seems everyone is on a diet these days.  Shouldn’t our souls be on a diet, too?  And just who is this guyWhitehead cover Alfred North Whitehead, and why would I want to have tea with him?  The answers to all these questions and more can be found in my new essay, A Lovely Luminosity: Why Process Thought Inspires Me, published in Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism: Process Thinking for a More Hospitable World.

Also:  Reading Group Guides for both The Metaphor Maker and Fat Soul Fridays are now available on my website.  Click here for more information The paperback edition of Fat Soul Fridays will be available very soon. Stay tuned!

Fat Soul Fridays 1