“C” is for Connections

Is God somewhere “up there” or is God intimately connected to the universe?  Theology matters, especially in face of climate change and the moral crises of our time.

My series on the Spiritual Alphabet continues with “C is for Connections.”

In this essay, I offer metaphors for re-thinking our connections to the world and to God.  You can (safely!) click here to read the essay at Spirituality & Practice or here to read the essay at Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism. 

Grasshopper meme

Embracing the Full Catastrophe



The Interfaith Observer is a wonderful resource for spiritual pilgrims of all faiths.  This month, my piece “Embracing the Full Catastrophe” is featured under the theme of “Spiritual Explorations in Tough Times.”   These are tough times, indeed! Hope you find some spiritual nourishment in this piece as well as all the  articles featured in the October issue.   Click here to read!