About pafarmer

Patricia Adams Farmer is a featured author for Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism: Process Thinking for a More Hospitable World. She is the author of four books and numerous essays inspired by process theology and philosophy. She holds an undergraduate degree in music and three masters degrees in theology, philosophy, and education. A retired clergy and educator, she and her husband, Ron Farmer, currently live on the north central coast of Ecuador.

Starts Tomorrow!

“We’re happy to announce that ‘Living with Beauty,’ an e-course with Patricia Adams Farmer, begins tomorrow, February 3. This e-course explores how the experience of beauty can enlarge our souls and offer great solace and delight — even as it “lures” us into new ways of thinking, creating, and imagining a better world.” — Spirituality & Practice Team

Those of you who have not signed up can read a full description of this e-course and register here :www.SpiritualityandPractice.com/LivingwithBeauty

A Practice for Perfectionists

Perfectionism is both a curse and a blessing. Mainly a curse, in my experience. But there is that inescapable reality that perfectionists grace our human landscape for a reason. It is my fervent hope that my accountant, my dentist, and any future surgeon who chooses to traverse the intricacies of my insides are all dyed-in-the-wool perfectionists. But even these folks whose work demands the utmost precision and who demand much of themselves as well as others — even these folks eventually need to come home, kick off their shoes, and quit being perfect. . . (read more)

COMING SOON! Join me in February for an online winter retreat, “Living with Beauty,” an e-course sponsored by Spirituality & Practice.

Practices for Recapturing Wonder

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories . . . and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.”
— Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of Little House on the Prairie

In “The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy,” W is for Wonder. And, for many of us, Christmas is the Season of Wonder: pageants and angels and stars and potluck dinners and knitted scarves fresh off the needles. Mesmerized by twinkling lights and Advent candles piercing the darkness, it would seem that wonder just happens, descending like the Angel Gabriel, announcing good tidings.

But hold on. For the introvert, Christmas heralds a nightmare of multiple social events packed into a short space of time. For the financially strapped, the pressure to buy presents that one can ill afford creates anxiety. . . (read more)

Living With Beauty

Starting to make plans for a winter retreat? I hope you will consider spending it with me. February 3-28, I’ll be teaching an online course called “Living with Beauty” at Spirituality & Practice. You can also give this e-course as a gift! During the season of gift-giving, I hope you will consider giving the gift of beauty to someone you love. Follow this link to learn more. You can click “give as a gift” at the bottom of the page. You may want to gift yourself, too! I look forward to being your guide and companion on this journey of the spirit . . .