Our Souls Are a River

What a joy for me to discover Australian poet and publisher, David Tensen! I ran across this poem on Facebook and was thrilled to see that it’s called “Fat Soul” and, in his words, “was inspired by Patricia Adams Farmer and Bernard Loomer’s Fat Soul Theology.” This poem ushers us into the world of flowing soul and expanding awareness, freedom, and generosity. Enjoy and share with all those who want to be “a big fat and generous soul”!

Our souls are a river in flow

whose banks and bed are built

by every interaction.

Whose ways and waters change

with every passing breath.

I want to be a wide river.

Not a narrow brook you simply step over and forget.

But wide enough to be considered before crossing.

I want to be a slow river.

Not an ocean so wild the innocent dare not enter.

But slow enough that even the lame feel safe to wade in.

I want to be a deep river.

Full of life and nourishment.

Moving through nations with many streams.

Unable to be dammed by dogma or doubt.

One day…

One fine and inevitable day

we will find ourselves emptied out.

Emptied out into the Great Ocean of Things

adding to it our own minuscule moment.

But until that moment.

Until the moment my soul ceases

to be held as this body,

the kind of soul I want to be

-I really want to be –

is a fat soul.

A big fat and generous soul.

‘Fat Soul’

David Tensen

Inspired by Patricia Adams Farmer and Bernard Loomer’s Fat Soul Theology

*David is the author of five books and founder of Poetry Chapel Press. To learn more about David Tenson’s work and services, go to his quicklinks page or his website, davidtenson.com. You can also find this talented fat soul on Instagram and Facebook!